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    You must first find the source of the leak in order stop it. We recommend you take out your fish and shut off the pump. If the leak persists, you have a hole in the body of your pond (excluding stream, waterfall, plumbing). In order to find the location of the hole, you must allow your pond to leak freely all the way. Once the water level remains constant, check around its perimeter. The size of the hole will vary depending on the amount of water you are losing.

    1-3 inches of water loss a week due to evaporation is normal.

    Liner Repair

    How to patch epdm liner

    What you need:

  • a strong back

  • hairdryer

  • small towel

  • custom cut round piece of 45 mil epdm liner to fully cover hole

  • clean paint roller

  • Firestone Quickprime Plus

  • waterproof Polyurethane (perfectly fish-safe)

  • hard external surface

  • flushable wipes
  • Steps:

    1. Drain the pond completely. Once there is no water, remove the rocks at the location of the leak as well as its surrounding areas. You will need to have access to the underside of your liner.

    2. Use the toilet wipes to clean the liner around the hole and then dry it with the hair dryer. Before joining the two pieces together, you need to place a hard surface under the liner so that you can use your paint roller to press the two pieces together.

    3. When the liner is clean and dry, apply the Firestone primer to both liners. Use your paintroller to firmly press the liners together. Wait 5 minutes for the primer to dry.

    4. Apply the waterproof polyurethane alongside the edge of the attached liner. This will prevent the seal from peeling as well as provide additional adhesion.

    Professionally patched epdm liner Replacing liner in leaking koi pond

    Plumbing Repair

    If the leak stops when you shut the pump off, the leak is located in a kinetic (moving) component of your pond. These areas include the waterfall, stream, fountain, underground pvc, etc. Often times you will lose water from water splashing or spilling out from your waterfall/stream. The waterfall box may sometimes get clogged up with leaves and spill water from the sides. Wet soil around these areas will help you locate the source of the leak.

    If you suspect there is a leak undergound (pvc hose, connectors, etc), we can replace the leaking component without having to replace the entire underground plumbing. Exposure to the elements over time can make pvc brittle and develop cracks. This is common in ponds where the plumbing is installed incorrectly.

    Leaking pond hose
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