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    Before servicing ponds on well water we will take extra precautions to prevent depleting the well and hurting your fish. Well water always leans toward the acidic side so your fish will need to have enough time to acclimate to the new water. In the video above we have set up large containers to store pond water so that we can mix it with the new water at the end. This will make for a smooth transition for your koi.

    Glen Burnie

    Glen Burnie is home to our favorite aquarium store House of Tropicals. You can buy pond supplies and healthy koi like the ones shown above. Increased water flow after cleaning will increase filtration and oxygen for the koi. The disturbance to the surface of the water underneath the waterfall will provide cover for your fish as well.

    Severna Park

     Square pond in severna park with Pondmaster cleargaurd Pressurized filter

    This rectangular bare bottom koi pond with a Pondmaster Clearguard pressurized filter was three feet deep which prevents heron and racoons from reaching the fish. These filters can be used with a uv clarifier to achieve crystal clear water. Deeper ponds allow for more water volume and accrue less algae.

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