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    In addition to a thorough cleaning this koi pond needed a new UV lamp and a net. UV lights can prevent the growth of algae by destroying algae forming bacteria and organisms. A pond net is essential if there are many trees covering or surrounding your pond. Leaves that fall inside will quickly rot and turn into muck. If there is no net in place you must use a pool rake to skim the leaves.


    pond in olney with too many lilies

    Some ponds are improperly built which causes them to stay dirty. Runoff from the rain flowed straight into this pond due to the grade of the landscape. This will cause murky water and an infestation of aquatic plants due to the excess nutrients released from the sediment. We recommend a you get your pond renovated which entails adjusting the edges to ensure runoff doesn't flow inside the pond.


    overgrown weeds inside pond

    You can barely see this fish pond as there are too many cattails, irises, and lilies. They must be hand pulled from the roots to ensure a liner-safe job. Cattails spread through their roots so trimming them will not work.

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