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    This pond in Bowie was being overtaken by lilies and roots which caused the pump to clog and malfunction. Lilies provide shade from sunlight which will decrease algae growth but too many will inhibit water flow and filtration. Pulling lilies can be a difficult task as their roots burrow deep into the gravel and need to be hand pulled to prevent damaging the rubber liner. We recommend you have all your plants inside pots so that they do not spread and take over the pond.


     Yellow iris removal from small backyard pond

    This small backyard pond was overwhelmed by a huge yellow iris plant. Native to Europe, western Asia and northwest Africa, the yellow iris is an invasive perennial that we often encounter inside ponds. Our client was amazed at how much bigger her pond was when we hauled out the plant. Always have aquatic plants inside pots so they do not spread and take up too much space.

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