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  • Baltimore

    Ponds with potless plants are very difficult to clean as their roots become embeded under the gravel.

    Baltimore is one of our most popular service areas. When we are not wasted in Inner Harbor or watching dolphins at the National Aquarium, we are cleaning a nasty koi pond in and around the city. We are familiar with the parking limitations inside the city and have contributed many donations (parking tickets) to the city's general fund.

    Round concrete pond cleaning in Charles Village

    baltimore pond company cleaning a concrete pond

    Located right by Johns Hopkins University, this pond needed a thorough clean out and liner repair. When we removed the concrete blocks to expose the liner, we saw a huge gash along the edge of the pond. This caused the pond to leak a foot a day and needed to be patched.

    Diagnosing the source of a leak can be a frustrating, time consuming process. The first thing you must do is relocate your fish into a separate aerated tote and shut off all pumps. This will allow you to determine the general location of the leak. Go to https://thepondfighter.com/leak-repair.html for a more comprehensive guide.

    Tetrapond UV Clarifier Install in Roland Park

    Installing a TetraPond UV Clarifier for small concrete pond

    UV clarifiers work in conjuction with the pump to kill algae forming bacteria and organisms by emitting ultra violet rays that destroy dna. Unfortunately, this will not remove the infamous string algae as it never flows through the tube containing the bulb.

    If you want to get rid of string algae you must manually remove all traces of it inside the pond and then create shade from the sun. We also recommend you decrease the nutrients inside the pond (water changes, less fish food).