Many ponds are improperly installed and develop problems over time. Depending on the condition of the pond, homeowners can determine whether it is best to try and fix the individual problem or get the pond rebuilt. DIY-built ponds, in particular, can benefit greatly from a rebuild, including enhanced looks, structural soundness, and ease of maintenance.

When a rebuild is not the better option

Example 1 - Pond Tube Replacement
pond pvc replacement
Our crew installing new pvc

After determining that the old PVC tube was the cause of the leak, our crew is installing a new PVC tube in the image above. Besides the leak, the pond was otherwise in good condition and had a functional skimmer, pump, and biofalls filter.

Example 2 - Pond Wall Rebuild
pond wall rebuild
Our crew rebuilding a collapsed wall in Lorton, VA

Collapsed pond walls can be rebuilt in certain cases. In the image above, our crew is carefully disassembling the portion of the wall that had collapsed in order to access the liner underneath. Only a small part of the wall had collapsed, and since it was easily accessible, they were able to fix it without having to rebuild the entire pond.

In this instance the pond walls had coll

When a rebuild is the better option

Example 1 - Pond Rebuild Baltimore, MD
pond built with western field stone
A rebuilt pond in Baltimore, MD

In the rebuilt pond above, our crew added plant shelves, an Aquascape skimmer and filter, and stepper edges. The original pond had collapsing walls, but since it lacked the features mentioned above, the owners decided to get it rebuilt.

Example 2 - Pond Rebuild Chantilly, VA
pond with aquatic lights
A rebuilt pond in Chantilly, VA

Cool features such as submersible pond lighting can be installed during a rebuild. In the example above, the original pond was over 20 years old and had developed a leak. Upon closer inspection, we found that the liner had deteriorated to the point where water was leaking out, as well as rock walls that were collapsing. The seals on the skimmer and filter also looked extremely weathered and leaky. Because of the condition the pond was in, the homeowner decided it was best to get it rebuilt.

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