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    Aside from the aesthetic and hygienic benefits of having your pond professionally serviced, there are many functional incentives as well. While inside the pond, we can diagnose faulty pumps, fountains, lights and other mechanical devices while also correcting misaligned liner and stones. It is important to address mechanical problems early to prevent further damage to the system. With proper care, we have seen pumps last over a decade. Once we leave, you will notice an increase in water circulation due to the removal of debris from the bottom of the pump. This will extend the life of the pump and decrease overall maintenance down the road.


    1. Draining the pond into a forest or storm drain away from the property.
    2. Relocation of fish and aquatic critters.
    3. Removal of debris and algae from inside the pond
    4. Removal/trimming of aquatic plants
    5. Thorough cleaning of pumps, filters, lava rock, sponges, etc
    6. Refilling with treated water
    7. Reintroducing fish and critters


    1. How much does it cost?

      • Pond cleaning starts at $750

    2. Well Water vs City vs County?

      • If you have fish we will test your water parameters beforehand to see if any adjustments need to be made. We take certain precautions to prevent depleting your well.

    3. How should we prepare?

      • You must provide the location of the outdoor outlet and faucet

    4. How long will it take?

      • Most jobs take around 3-6 hours.

    5. How often do we need to get it cleaned?

      • There are many factors that determine how quickly a pond will get dirty. The water volume, filtration, sun exposure, amount of fish, plants, fertilizers, fish food and owner involvement all play an important role.


    After the initial cleaning we can advise you on possible upgrades that can enhance your water feature. Being inside the pond will give us the ability to diagnose and solve potential problems you may encounter down the road.

    Submersible lighting

    Installing low voltage lighting to your pond or stream can create an illuminating effect during the evenings and nights. It will enhance safety and allow you to observe your fish swim around under the moon. Our pond lights come with sensors that allow them to automatically turn on at sunset and off at sunrise.

    Rock Addition

    If your pond is lacking stones we can add them along the walls or edges. Dry stacked stones along the walls will give your pond support and structure while also increasing its aesthetics. Large stepper stones laid around the edge can give you and your family safe access around the pond. Stones also play a vital role in protecting the liner.


    Installing a net can be helpful for ponds built under heavy vegetation. It will prevent leaves from biodegrading inside your pond and keep birds of prey away from your fish.

    Biofalls Addition

    Aquascape Biofalls house filter media and create the cascading water effect in water features. Many ponds have water coming out of a hose buried underneath rocks as their 'waterfall'. Adding a biofalls not only increases the size of your waterfall but provides necessary filtration as well.

    Skimmer Addition

    A Skimmer paired with a Biofalls is the most effective and durable way to filter a pond. A skimmer is a large black box that sits at the edge of your pond and houses the pump. Over the years we have encountered many pumps sitting exposed at the bottom of the pond. These ponds are always the dirtiest and most difficult to clean. Having your pump in this manner decreases its life and makes it inaccessible for routine maintenance. A Skimmer is the perfect solution to this.

    Stream Addition

    Adding a stream flowing into your pond can be a visually rewarding experience. You not only gain the sight of a naturalistic stream but also the sounds of flowing water that everyone finds relaxing. Streams will also increase water circulation and aeration inside your existing pond which will aid in clean water and happy fish.

    Full Renovation

    Stripping a pond down and rebuilding it can create the most value to the owner. Many ponds are built unlevel which causes debris to get trapped and makes cleaning expensive. Increasing the size and depth of the pond will decrease maintenance needs as large bodies of water stay consistent longer. This also means you can keep larger sized fish such as koi as the pond will be able to successfully handle their bioload.

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