Owning a pond can be a great way to relax and reconnect with nature. A pond not only adds character to a otherwise dull and mundane yard, but also creates a host of new outdoor activities for the entire family to enjoy. Stepping outside to a gushing waterfall and vibrant koi can be the perfect way to start a day or destress after a long one. People have always been drawn to the soothing effects of water and ponds offer that tranquility at the comfort of one's home.


Why invest in something that won't be of value? A pond built far away from the main outdoor living space can be quickly forgotten and unenjoyed. One of the main attractions of ponds is the sound of flowing water that accompanies them and having one built in a good location can integrate that sound into everyday life.

Popular installation spots:


Pond design is a critical aspect in both its maintainability and beauty. Ponds should be designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing landscape while taking advantage of the slopes and curves that create a naturalistic water feature.

Visually, the stepper edges and the waterfall are the most important areas to design for as they will be the most visible. Large irregular boulders along the edges of a pond create a more natural look and are more stable to walk on.


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