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    A backyard pond can add an element to your life that you have never even dreamed of. Imagine coming home from a stressful day at work and taking a nap besides your koi pond as you listen to the sound of the water rushing down your stream. It has been scientifically proven that the sound of running water has a relaxative effect on your mind and we can confirm this to be true as we have almost fallen asleep numerous times while filling up a pond that we had just cleaned. Even just the noise of the water splashing down from the garden hose was powerful enough to make us forget about work and drowse off. Ponds are a perfect solution to homes near busy roads as it will block out the sound of vehicles driving past. Along with it's therapeutic benefits, a pond will incentivize you to spend more time outdoors in harmony with nature. Whether it is interacting with the fish or dosing off to the sound of water, outdoor pond activities can slow down the pace of today's hectic world and allow you to take a deep breath and relax.

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    We want to build your pond somewhere where you and your family can enjoy it most. This differs amongst our clients and can be anywhere from the backyard, front yard, or even inside the house. During the consultation we will also take into consideration how the pond would look from indoors as we want you to be able to enjoy it while you do the dishes or sit inside your office.


    Ponds differ in design based on our clients’ desires. For example if he/she wanted a dedicated koi pond we would build it more symmetrical so that the fish become the main focal point. If he/she wanted something more natural we would build with curves and edges that resemble how they appear in nature. The layout of your land also plays a role as if there is a natural incline we can easily create a stream that leads into the pond.


    Most ponds are built poorly. Bad design is not only unappealing but makes the pond very expensive to maintain. For example if the pond is improperly leveled, every time it rains the runoff will flow inside the pond which not only dirties the water but also disrupts the nutrient balance in the ecosystem. This is what fuels unwanted occurances such as algae blossoms and pea-soup water. Another common problem we encounter is bad stonework. Based on your situation we can advise you on whether you should get new stone or have the existing ones restacked. Stones should be visually appealing while functioning as a retaining wall. During the onsite visit we can discuss what problems you are having and come up with an appropriate solution. Pond renovation is usually cheaper than new pond construction as there is less digging involved and reusable components.

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