Various factors such as bioload and sun exposure affect how often and to what degree a pond needs to be professionally maintained. Before servicing a pond, we evaluate the individual needs of the pond in order to apply the best cleaning method for its long-term health. For example, if the pond does not have much grime build-up on its rocks, we substitute the power washer for a more gentler method of cleaning to conserve as much good bacteria as possible. Found along all the surfaces of the pond, good bacteria are what keep the pond clean and the water clear. It is our goal to assist the ecosystem of the pond be as self-sustaining as possible.

The steps we take during a pond cleaning service are listed chronologically below.


Before we start any work, we inspect the pond and its surroundings to gain a better idea of all of its working components. Some of the most common things we look at are:

A pre-inspection gives us valuable insight into what we can expect during the cleaning so that we can prepare accordingly.


When draining a pond, we save as much clean water as possible for reuse when refilling. Clean pond water is rich in good bacteria which help maintain the health of the pond. Additionally, refilling the pond with its old water allows us to return the fish to the water that they are used to, minimizing their stress.

When the water level gets down to about 12 inches, we safely relocate the fish into aerated and lidded holding tanks. The lid serves as both a shade (fish feel less stressed in the shade) and a barrier to prevent jumping.

Clean Filters, Pumps, and Accessories

When the pond is fully drained, we are able to access the pump(s) and remove any debris caught along its intake. This prolongs the life of the pump and maximizes its ouput, increasing both circulation and filtration inside the pond. During this time, we also inspect and clean inside the pond skimmer.

If the pond has filter media inside its cascade, we remove and rinse them with the pond water. For ponds equipped with pressure filters, we use the backwash function.

Power Wash and Vacuum

We use a power washer to return the rocks to their original state and move all the accumulated waste into the center of the pond. We then vacuum out all the waste and dispose of it accordingly.

Trim Overgrown Vegetation

Overgrown vegetation is trimmed back to give the fish more space to swim and give the pond a well kept appearance.

Refill with Outdoor Faucet and Pond Water

When the pond is ready to be refilled, we refill it with a mix of outdoor faucet water and the saved pond water. We then add dechlorinatar as needed and return the fish.

Final Walkthrough

When the cleaning is complete we will meet with the client and give him/her a overview of their pond and recommendations for its upkeep.

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