A pondless waterfall is a realistic stream flowing down from a waterfall spillway into a reservoir. As the name suggests, there is no pond involved so when the water flows down the stream, it goes into a hidden reservoir and then recirculates back up through a pump. Since the reservoir is sitting underneath rocks, it makes it seem like the water is disappearing into the ground. Its main selling point is its ability to bring you the sights and sounds of a stream without the maintenance needs of a pond. Unlike ponds, pondless waterfalls are essentially maintenance-free as they have zero bioload. Pondless waterfalls are perfect for those who have a natural incline in their yard. During our design stage, we take into consideration all possible viewing points in order for us to determine the best location for constuction. If you spend 90% of your outdoor time in your front yard, it would be a waste to build a pondless waterfall in your backyard. At the end of the day, we want our work to add value to your life.

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