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    If your pump is laying at the bottom of your pond you need to install a skimmer. This black box will protect your pump from debris and allow for easy access when servicing. This will prolong the life of your pump, increase water flow, and increase circulation. A skimmer also adds to the aesthetics of your water feature as it naturally hides your pump and hose from view.


    Over time your liner may need to be adjusted depending on how the supporting landscape has changed over time. The ground supporting the liner will often become soft and crumble, causing the liner to fall below the proper level. This will create leaks, decrease water volume, and make the pond look uneven.

    If the leak is severe or unreachable you will have to get the entire liner replaced. When the liner is removed we can increase the size of the pond, change its shape, add caves, dry stack stones, change the location of the waterfall, etc.


    We build waterfalls to look natural and magnificent. Waterfall renovation is needed when there is a leak present that we cannot reach. We can also make it bigger, look more natural, dry stack rocks, flow different, add larger rocks, etc.


    We only build bare bottom koi ponds with a minimum depth of three feet. Deeper ponds increase overall water volume and provide cover for your fish. We avoid rocks inside the pond because they will create pockets of debris that are difficult to extract. We recommend external canister filters in addition to your traditional skimmer and waterfall box as koi excrete a lot of waste.


    6ft x 9ft   $5,400 (+/- $500)

    8ft x 11ft   $8,800 (+/- $1000)

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