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    A pond can bring great joy to you and your family. Whether its feeding the fish, listening to the waterfall, or just relaxing by it, the value it creates is why people get them built. Our talent is in creating aesthetic water features that are virtually self-sustaining.

    Lowest Bidder Regret

    Most of our business comes from poorly built ponds with inadequate or non-existent filtration. Our price reflects the quality of material we use and the experience required in building a self-sufficient pond. While a cheaper company may seem appealing at first you will pay for it through maintenance and repairs.

    Materials we use


    Underlayment safely protects your liner from sharp roots and burrowing critters. It is laid on the excavated ground underneath the liner to provide a layer of protection.

    1.5" - 2" Flex PVC

    Flex pvc is the industry standard for distributing water from the pump to the biofalls. It is easy to adjoin when needed and dependable for years on end.

    45 mil Epdm liner

    We use custom cut pieces of 45 mil epdm liner to hold water inside your pond. This material is both flexible and durable which is why it is the most popular liner found in ponds. Non epdm liners such as plastic and pvc may be cheaper but become unreliable as we have seen them brittle and crack under the sun.

    Biofalls Filters

    Aquascape Biofalls create the waterfalls and streams necessary for the soothing sound of flowing water while also housing the filter media required for a backyard aquatic ecosystem. It is an efficient filter providing both the biological and mechanical filtration required to keep water clear and fish happy.

    Aquascape Skimmer and Pump

    An Aquascape Skimmer houses your pump while also removing floating debris from your pond. A net inside this skimmer successfully holds the debris for easy removal. A skimmer is absolutely necessary for ponds as it protects the pump, the most important piece of the puzzle.

    Pennsylvania Field Stone and Steppers

    Rocks provide both structural support and aesthetics for your pond. Without it, a pond may collapse over time. Dry stacked stones along the walls are beautiful to look at and functionally necessary.


    8' x 9' x 2.5' $8,100

    11' x 16' x 3' $12,100

    21' x 26' x 3' $18,100

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