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  • How to get rid of string algae

    String algae is a common problem in small backyard ponds. Small ponds are usually shallow, and shallow water is usually warm. Pair that with long hours of sunlight and you have successfully created a string algae nursery. Below we will discuss the various ways to tackle this problem.

    Deep Pond Cleaning Service

    Manual removal during a deep cleaning is the fastest solution to removing string algae from your pond. During a deep cleaning all excess nutrients are removed thus depleting string algae of their food. Clean water is then added, making it harder for the stringies to reappear.

    Increase Water Circulation

    Notice how algae is most prevalent in still water such as lakes and almost non existent in rivers? Adding a waterfall or stream to your pond can decease algae growth by eliminating still water. Pond pumps and aerators that create movement in the water can also erase your string algae problem.

    Increase Filtration

    More filtration (especially if you have fish) can eliminate your green algae as cleaner water is more resistent to algae.

    Aquatic Plants

    Plants act as both shade and filter for your backyard pond. Nutrients from fish waste and fish food can cause an algae bloom in your pond if not handled right. Aquatic plants such as water lilies and hyacinths filter the water and absorb these nutrients through their roots. Plants that provide shade will also keep your pond cooler during the summer months, decreasing string algae blooms.

    Pond Renovation

    Increasing the depth of your pond will eliminate your string algae as sunlight cannot reach deeper water. An increase in overall water volume will create a more stable ecosystem for your fish and family to enjoy.

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