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  • How to save money on a pond cleaning service

    You can use our prepay form to save 5% on your pond cleaning. If you would like to clean it yourself, read along as we teach you what you need, what to do, what not to do, and other tips and tricks.

    What you will need

  • pump
  • vacuum
  • pressure washer
  • hoses
  • running outdoor faucet
  • fish net
  • bucket
  • extension cable
  • aerator
  • water test kit
  • waders (optional)
  • Steps

    Shut off all electrical components of your pond. This includes pumps, aerators, skimmers, lights, fountains, etc. Remove any netting that will block access to the water. You will need to step inside the pond to vacuum debris. Drain the pond to about a foot depth and then relocate all fish to an external holding tank. Make sure that the tank is lidded and aerated as the fish will jump. Once the fish are out, drain the pond the rest of the way and start removing all large debris by hand or vacuum. The powerwasher is mostly for cleaning rocks and will not do a good job with debris. Once all debris is removed use the powerwasher to clean algae and muck off the rocks and gravel. Once that is finished, rinse the pond with clean water until the water stays clear. Then, refill with fish-safe water and reintroduce fish.


    Most ponds develop leaks when someone who is careless and unqualified services the pond. Make sure you dont put scissors or anything sharp on the liner as it will puncture. You also have to be careful not to move too many rocks as they provide support for the walls of the pond.

    If you are on well water you need to carefully acclimate your fish as well water is almost always more acidic than pond water. This can be done by saving some of your pond water and readding it with the well water at the end of the job. You must also be careful not to run the well dry. If your pond is large we recommend you fill your pond up over the course of a week.

    We recommend you wear gloves because you never know whats underneath that murky water. We have seen all sorts of creatures such as snapping turtles, water snakes, dead decomposing animals, huge frogs and spiders.

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