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  • Spring Pond Cleaning Ellicott City, MD

    Spring Pond Cleaning Ellicott City, MD

    Spring is the best time to get your pond cleaned as it will have time to reestablish essential bacteria colonies before the summer. Beneficial bacteria is crucial for ponds with large koi as they release large amounts of waste and ammonia. Without the proper filtration to handle this waste, your fish could suffer and possibly die. In the photo above the pond seems brown because of all the algae that accrued over the rocks during the previous season. Although the water is crystal clear, the algae makes the pond look dirty. Pond Fighter offers a solution to this problem through our deep cleaning service.

    Spring Pond Cleaning Ellicott City, MD

    In the photo above you can see the results of our spring cleaning service. In order to keep your pond looking this way all through the year we recommend you do some routine maintenance described below.

    When spring comes to an end and the temperature really starts to rise, you will notice your pond lose water through evaporation. When this happens, it is important to fill your pond up back to its maximum water level as shallow water will give algae easy access to nutrients and energy via photosynthesis. Shallow water will also turn warm, and warm water is much more difficult to maintain than cool water.

    Along with water depth, water circulation is a crucial factor for a clean pond. Your pump should stay running all year as it will create disturbance in the water that will inhibit algae. When you notice a decrease in your pump flow rate, you should turn off the pump and manually remove debris near the impeller. This will increase its lifespan and ensure you have a well balanced ecosystem in your backyard.