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  • Pond Maintenance and Liner Repair Baltimore, MD

    Round Concrete Pond in Baltimore, MD

    We deal with ponds of all shapes and sizes. This small fish pond in Baltimore had developed a leak for some unknown reason. We suspected the concrete blocks glued on top of the bare liner was the likely culprit as they put a lot of external pressure on the liner. Fortunately we were able to diagnose and patch the leak.

    Pond Liner Tear

    Inside the city it is sometimes difficult to drain a pond as there are no forests nearby. Since our pumps do not handle large debris, it is safe to drain a pond into a storm drain nearby. We were able to reach one a few houses away. Pond Fighter recommends you get your pond fully cleaned and empty in order to diagnose and patch a tear in the liner.

    Pond Liner Tear

    The source of the leak was a large tear in the liner that was about 6 inches long. The homeowner described to us that after filling the pond it would lose around half a foot of water in less than a day. We asked if it continued to lose water and they said no. That is how we knew there was a large leak somewhere along the top edge of the liner. The water level of your pond when it stops leaking is the same level as the location of the leak.

    Pond Liner Sealing Patch Job

    In order to seal the leak, we had to cut a custom size piece of 45 mil epdm liner and attach it to the existing liner with an adhesive. We were lucky the orginial liner was also 45 mil epdm as had it been something different, we would have had to replace the entire liner.

    The Finished Product

    circular pond cleaned

    At the end of job the goldfish are happy and the water is clear.