Tears in pond liners can be repaired if easily accessible. During this job in Baltimore City our crew found a large tear along the edge of a circular, concrete pond which prevented the homeowners from fully filling up the pond. Tears along the upper edges of liners are almost always caused by the installers not leaving enough slack when cutting the liner. This causes a lot of tension on the liner, which over time, can create tears.

In order to fix the tear, a new piece of liner must be glued in a way which it fully covers the tear. Special waterproof caulk and tire adhesive are used to join the two epdm liners. After the caulk dries for about 24 hours, the liner is good as new and ready to hold water.

large tear in epdm liner
tear in epdm liner causing a leak
epdm liner joined with adhesive and caulk
tear in liner patched with another piece of liner

More times than not in order for our maintenance team to find the source of a leak they must first do a drain and clean of the pond. Only when the pond is empty and clean are they able to inspect all the cracks and crevices for the source of a leak.

dirty baltimore city pond
dirty pond
clean and drained pond
pond after drain and clean

The Pond Fighter is one of the only pond companies in Maryland that services the city. Most companies choose to avoid the city because of inconvenient parking and tight spaces. Our team does not mind and are equipped with hundreds of feet of hoses to safely drain ponds anyway in the city.

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