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    Basic owner involvment can eliminate the need to pay for a pond cleaning service. Follow these instructions to have a crystal clear pond all year long.


    If your pond is near a tree it gains shade at the cost of leaves. Every few days use a net with a long handle to remove leaves from both the surface and the bottom of the pond. Leaves are biodegradable meaning they will rot inside your pond providing excess nutrients for weeds and algae to discolor your water. A net can be installed by us after cleaning.


    We all love feeding our fish. However it comes with a price as more food translates into more waste. Almost everybody overfeeds their fish because they have great skill in appearing hungry while full. Fish should only be fed once a day an amount that they can consume in 3-5 minutes and any uneaten fish food should be scooped out and discarded.


    Overall water volume is important in keeping your pond crystal clear. Less water gets dirtier quicker so you need to fill your pond to its maximum capacity when it loses water through evaporation. Doing this will decrease the need for maintenance down the road.


    Plants naturally filter the water inside your pond by absorbing waste and harmful chemicals. Along with filtration, plants also provide oxygen and shade for your pond. This is crucial if your pond is in an unshaded area of your property as sunlight will create algae and increase the temperature of your water. Warm water fouls quicker as matter decomposes quicker.

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