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    Spring is the time to get your pond cleaned and ready for the new season. After the snow has melted and the fish 'awoken', you will want to assess the condition of your pond. If it is full of leaves and algae we recommend you choose our maintenance service as it give your pond the rejuvenation it needs to be the centerpiece in your backyard. Left alone, leaves will decay and turn into muck while also releasing nutrients that will fuel algae growth in the upcoming summer. Deep cleanings during early spring cause less fluctuation inside your pond as the weather is still cool and the brunt of summer's heat and sunlight have not yet arrived. This will give your pond time to recover beneficial bacteria and nutrients required for it to be a low maintenance backyard ecosystem.


    Summer is when your pond is fully exposed to the magnificent powers of the Sun. Long daylight and hot weather are the best conditions to plant water lilies as they will grow quickly and provide much needed shade inside your pond. Shade is essential for keeping the water cool and lowering UV ray exposure which fuels algae growth and decomposition. Think of lilies as 'sunscreen' for your pond. Lilies should be placed along the shallowest areas as these spots are the most vulnerable. Although hot, summer is when you can appreciate the beauty of wildlife as birds start to cool off and bathe themselves inside your stream. It is a time when man and nature come together to enjoy a backyard aquatic ecosystem.


    Fall is when leaves start to turn orange and the weather starts to cool. During this time it is important to trim or remove discoloring plants because left alone, they will decompose and turn into muck at the bottom of the pond. Many aquatic plants' lifecyles come to an end during this time which will be noticable by their color transitioning from green to brown. You will notice dying plants start to float to the surface as they detach from the others. Use your pool net to skim them out. Your fish will also become less active which means you can feed them less as their metabolism slows. Early Fall is when you can truly notice the beauty of your water feature as the weather is as perfect as it gets in our area.

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