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    Digging a 9ft by 8ft by 2.5ft koi pond  Adding geotextile underlayment and 45 mil epdm liner   dry stacking pennsylvania fieldstone   the finished koi pond  collapsed dry stack koi pond wall  collapsed dry stack koi pond wall  collapsed dry stack koi pond wall  collapsed dry stack koi pond wall  A pond's maintenance needs depends on many factors. Its location can play a big role as intense
                     sunlight exposure and nearby trees can create algae and muck. Its depth and total water volume are also contributors as deeper ponds with more water stay
                     clear longer. Lastly, bioload and filtration are important things to consider for a low-maintenance pond.  Pond Fighter provides pond maintenance services all over Baltimore. For this job in Towson, the homeowner called us because of his tinted pond water. This
                    is caused by the pine needles that accumulate and decompose inside the pond. A remedy for this problem could be to install a pond net to prevent leaves from falling in. 
                    Pond cleaning service for fish pond in Owings Mills. Smaller
                    ponds are more difficult to maintain as smaller bodies of water are more susceptible to develop algae and muck.
                    A pond like this requires constant skimming of debris and water changes for it to stay clean. 
                A fountain provides water circulation that can decrease overall pond maintenance. Dissolved oxygen released by the fountain also help clear the water. For this backyard pond cleaning service we had to use a wheelbarrel to removed thousands of
                    lbs of vegetation and overgrowth. After this pond cleaning service the pond is now ready to be stocked with goldfish, koi, turtles, and other
                    aquatic critters. For a pond this size we recommend a Aquasurge 5000 pump with Biofalls 6000 for filtration. Since this pond was over 4 feet deep it will stay muck free longer as the
                    sunlight cannot penetrate deep enough for algae to blossom. The pond water is heavily tinted due to the pine needles. For ponds built
                    under trees and vegetation we recommend you install a net to protect it from leaves and other debris and decrease your overall maintenance. The big koi fish were reintroduced to the dechlorinated non-tinted water. Koi this size
                    are clearly visible to birds of prey so they will need a hiding place inside the pond. This pond was built with a fish tunnel in the middle that allowed them to get shade and feel safe. Small backyard fish pond with dry stack stones and waterfall. Smaller ponds
                    require more maintenance because there is less water. We recommend you get a fish net and scoop out all the leaves that acumulate inside the pond such as in this picture. Servicing a pond this size takes about 5 hours. When we are done the water is crystal clear. Bare bottom ponds allow for easy removal of muck and debris.
                    However, your liner will be exposed to damage as there are no rocks covering it. 45 mil epdm liner with underlayment should be safe without rocks but if a heron sticks its beak than you are screwed. Adding gravel helps protect the epdm pond liner. Gravel houses the beneficial bacteria
                    that convert harmful chemicals released from fish waste into fish-safe compounds. If you have fish you should mainly worry about ammonia as high ammounts of it can be deadly. In order to remove yellow iris you must pull their rhizomes from underneath. This stops them from
                    reproducing. Yellow irises are invasive plants commonly found inside backyard ponds Baltimore pond cleaning ompany servicing city fish pond owners Backyard pond services for residents of charles village Northern virginia pond cleaning service We installed a new pond master clear guard pressurized filter for the pond. These filters come
                    with a backwash feature for easy maintanence Removing 10000lbs of cattails from the edge of a 1/2 acre farm pond.
                    We used a tractor to disperse the cattail along the farm land to be used as fertilizer The shoreline is now accessible after the weeds are removed. You can go fishing. Too many lilies destroy the aesthetics of a backyard pond. Removing overgrown water lilies from backyard fish pond in olney. koi pond cleaning ellicott city ellicott city pond maintenance Renovating large koi pond by removing old liner and tree root Koi pond construction finished Dirty and unmaintained fishless water feature in washington dc. This pond was built with a reddish stones that turn brown when dirty. A pressure washer is used to restore
                    the stones to their orginial color as well as remove algae. Pond with increased water flow after maintenance service. Your pond pump needs to be serviced reguraly for it
                    to perform at full capacity. Removing debris in and around the pump intake will increase water flow and filtration. In order to remove the sludge from the bottom of a pond we first drain it then use a wet dry vacuum to remove the waste.
                    This stuff is good fertilizer so we relocate into a garden or planting space.  Small 500 gallon pond built with epdm liner. We recommend 45 mil epdm liner because of its elasticity, strength, and longevity. It is also
                    the industry standard for pond installers worldwide. We have seen people use concrete to hold water but if a leak develops it will be impossible to fix. We added new gravel and installed a TetraPond UVC-9 GreenFree UV Clarifier. When green algae is exposed to the ultraviolet light
                    the reproductive abilities of the algae are destroyed. Also known as cyanobacteria, green algae is a very common problem found in ponds. They thrive in shallow, warm, water with lots of nutrients and sunlight.
                    Too many water lilies, irises, and cattails inside a goldfish pond. The plants were added
                    because the pond was not built deep enough which caused a lot of algae and muck. However since the plants were not inside pots they quickly grew and took over the pond.
                    If you decide to add plants we recommend you place them inside pots and put them along the edge of the pond (the shallowest areas). Removing all the vegetation from your garden pond allows you to see the fish. This job required us to pull
                    the plants out carefully so that they could be replanted after the cleaning. We placed them on top of a shaded tarp. Great looking water feature built on a hill. Building on a hill is preferred if you want a stream or waterfall
                    as the landscape already has the grade required to make water flow. Sun exposure causes algae. Maintaining your backyard pond can be a nightmare if it is completely exposed to the sun. Removing tons of cattails from half acre farm pond. Cattails spread from their underground root system
                    called rhizomes. They also spread from their seeds found in their white tails. With all the cattails gone the shore is accessible for fishing and swimming. The pond
                    also looks much bigger and cleaner. Disgusting pond filled with years of debris, leaves, algae, and pollen. Paying for professional
                    pond cleaning services will save you days of labor and give you the ease of mind that nothing will be damaged during the process. When amateurs try to do the work themselves they often destroy the liner, misplace the rocks,
                    create leaks, etc.  When we reinstalled the Aquascape Acuasurge 3000 pump, there was a huge leak from the underground pvc connecting the skimmer and waterfall box. The
                    entire 1.5 inch flex pvc had to be replaced.

    Pond Fighter

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    The Pond Fighter is a pond maintenance company specialized in koi pond construction, cleaning, and repair. We service Baltimore, DC, Northern Virginia, and all surrounding areas.

    Koi pond cleaning Bethesda, MD

    Posted: 9/7/2020

    Check out this nice looking koi pond equipped with a Pondmaster 40W UV clarifier. These lights are designed to be used with the pump to kill algae and clear the water. A shallow pond like this is more susceptible to algae because more sunlight penetrates into shallow water giving them access to nutrients and energy needed to thrive. After the cleaning service a net was added to prevent leaves from falling inside the pond. Left alone, leaves will rot and release excess nutrients that will discolor the water and disrupt the balance of the ecosystem.

    Pond Maintenance Glen Burnie

    When cleaning a koi pond we first check to make sure your water paramaters aren't drastically different. We test for things such as ph, water temperature, and chlorine to ensure fish safety. Based on these results we can determine whether to do a 100% water change or not. In this video, June is cleaning the bottom filters inside the pond. This allows us to drain all the muck out with the remaining pond water. Clean filters will increase water flow which will increase overall filtration.

    Small Backyard pond with waterfall construction

    using aquascape premium products to construct a backyard pond.

    After excavation we are ready to add underlayment, liner and rocks. For this pond we used an Aquascape skimmer, Aquasurge 5000 pump and Biofalls 1000. An Aquascape skimmer houses and protects the pump from debris. Without it the pump will be laying at the bottom of the pond making it more prone to clogging and damage as there is nothing preventing muck from entering the intake. A skimmer also gives you easy access to the pump as it is installed along the egde of the pond. The Biofalls 1000 plays the role of both waterfall and filter. The sponges and bioballs inside provide mechanical and biological filtration while the waterfall create circulation and aeration for your fish.

    Yellow Butterfly koi pond maintenance and fish relocation

    Our client wanted his neighbor's koi so we got out our jumbo fish net and waders and went to work. Catching koi without draining the pond is a major headache but at the end we were able to safely transport 5 healthy 16 inch butterfly koi to our client's backyard pond.

    Hauling 5000lbs of crap out of a huge pond in Woodbine, MD.

    Using a wheel barrel and trailer to clean huge backyard water feature in Woodbine

    When a pond is left to sit for over a decade plants you initially put in for decoration and filtration quickly outgrow their pots and take over the pond. Soil and nutrients from rain runoff is the cherry on top and your pond has successfully transformed into a wetland marsh. You can kiss your fish goodbye as they will never be visible again. The only way to prevent this is to have your pond maintained on a yearly or bi-yearly basis.

    Overstocked fish pond cleaning in Severna Park

    Rectangular koi pond with goldfish and koi

    This 3 feet deep rectangular koi pond was equipped with an in ground Pondmaster Clearguard pressurized filter. These filters work alongside an external water pump to filter the water with beneficial bacteria. The filter also comes with a backwash mechanism that allows you to rinse the media without having to disassemble the entire unit.

    Baltimore city pond maintenance company

    Baltimore city pond cleaning service company

    We are familiar with the close quarter housing common inside the city. We have enough hose to drain the water far away from your property. We can even drain it into your neighbor's yard if you'd like.

    A pond or water feature allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of a city such as Baltimore.

    Tub pond renovation

    Small tub pond in owings mills with dead bird inside

    Thanks to the landscaper who decided to trim a tree into this tub pond we were able to come and rescue it. We even found a dead decomposing song bird inside that smelled terrible. In this video we added Pennsylvania mountain stone along the edge of the pond which made it look more natural by hiding the plastic tub. When renovating a pond we can add rocks, increase the pond size, build a waterfall, add a skimmer, add lighting, etc.

    Koi pond renovation

    replacing epdm liner and adding rocks glen burnie

    This koi pond developed a leak due to its close proximity to a tree root. A problem like this can only be solved by removing the root and replacing the damaged liner. We replaced the liner with 20' x 20' 45 mil epdm liner.

    Koi pond construction

    building a koi pond with pennsylvania mountain stone

    A koi pond can help relieve stress from a long day at work. Grab a beer and listen to the waterfall while observing your koi swim around and do koi things.

    Repairing pond edge

    low pond edge causing leak

    Over time the ground supporting your pond can lose its strength and crumble. This occurs when their is nothing supporting the walls. We recommend a pond renovation where we dry stack rocks alongside the walls to give it proper support. It is also very pleasing aesthetically.

    Pond plants

    water lilies inside your pond can provied shade and cover

    Water lilies provide cover from the sunlight which reduces algae growth and water discoloration. If your pond is exposed to the sun we recommend you add plants that provide shade. Water hyacinths and lilies are our go to plants. When servicing a pond we can save your aquatic plants and replant them at the end of the job.

    Pond Cleaning Baltimore

    Pond built under heavy vegetation

    A small pond is limited in the number of fish it can house but can have the same soothing effect as larger water features. This pond was built near a lot of vegetation which was removed and hauled away from the property.

    Mechanical filtration

    cleaning filter mats do not kill beneficial bacteria

    Filter mats clean your water by physically trapping waste particles and debris. They are also the breeding ground for beneficial bacteria which convert harmful ammonia (released from fish waste and organic matter) into nitrates.

    Testing water before cleaning a koi pond

    testing water ph for Glen Burnie home on well water

    Drastic changes in water paramaters can be harmful to your koi. We take preventative measures to ensure your koi experience the least amount of stress while servicing your pond.

    Installing an Aquascape AquaSurge 3000 GPH Pump

    In addition to cleaning ponds we also do pump replacements, submersible lights, and repairs/renovation. In this video June is installing a new Aquascape AquaSurge 3000 GPH Pump in Columbia, MD. The pump wire is buried underground and inserted into your outdoor-rated GFCI outlet.

    Removing 500 lbs of water lilies in Bowie, MD

    Excessive aquatic plants are a common problem among ponds. Lilies, irises and cattails are known to take over ponds as they multiply very rapidly. Although plants provide filtration and oxygen for the fish, too many can hurt the aesthetics and the ecosystem of the pond. In this video, we had too remove the lilies because they took up too much real estate and clogged up the pond. Overall water volume is very important in keeping your pond clean so removing these plants made room for more water.

    Relocating Koi into aerated holding tanks

    We are masters at handling koi and guarantee their health for the entirety of the job. In the following video June safely catches the fish with a large net and relocates them to an aerated holding tank near by. We slowly acclimate the koi during the cleaning to reduce their stress when reintroduced back into the pond.

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