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  • Pond Cleaning & Maintenance

    Aside from the aesthetic and hygienic benefits of having your pond professionally cleaned, there are many functional incentives as well. While inside the pond, we can diagnose faulty pumps, fountains, lights and other mechanical devices while also fixing misplaced liner and stones. Once we leave, you will notice an increase in water circulation due to the removal of debris from the bottom of the pump. This will extend the life of the pump and decrease overall maintenance down the road.


    1. Draining the pond into a forest or storm drain away from the property.
    2. Relocation of fish and aquatic critters.
    3. Removal of debris and algae from inside the pond
    4. Removal/trimming of aquatic plants
    5. Thorough cleaning of pumps, filters, lava rock, sponges, etc
    6. Refilling with treated water
    7. Reintroducing fish and critters


    1. How much does it cost?

      • Pond cleaning starts at $750

    2. Well Water vs City vs County?

      • If you have fish we will test your water parameters beforehand to see if any adjustments need to be made. We take certain precautions to prevent depleting your well.

    3. How should we prepare?

      • You must provide the location of the outdoor outlet and faucet

    4. How long will it take?

      • Most jobs take around 6-8 hours.

    5. How often do we need to get it cleaned?

      • There are many factors that determine how quickly a pond will get dirty. The volume of water, filtration, sun exposure, amount of fish, plants, fertilizers, fish food and owner involvement all play an important role.